Fish Factory is a contemporary art space located in a disused scallop processing factory in Falmouth, Cornwall. It is a gallery space but also contains studios with practicing artists. The space can also be hired for events – the place has a feeling of constant activity. For the identity we wanted to reflect this activity but in a way that allowed them to carry on outputting their own material once the designers had left the building, and that gave transparency to the identity.

Richard Fussey and I created a system within which they could operate under one aesthetic, all based around a 1980s LQ-2180 Dot Matrix printer, which is linked up to their blog. The Blog is updated each month, printed and bound with vinyl printed on the same machine. The result is a means for them to self publish a monthly timetable of events and art news. It is also used to print invites and catalogues for the venue, all under the unique visual language of this old impact printer.

We modified Gill Sans Ultra Bold for use as logotype and header font. It is a font with very unique characteristics and just like Fish Factory itself, it stands out from any of the other galleries in the area. It was also selected for its availability on all platforms and therefore its aesthetic embodying immediacy of choice and production. Along with courier bold, a font, which carries through the dot matrix aesthetic when on screen.

Featured on crap=good an awesome website for all things independently contemporary in visual culture:
Fish Factory


Lead Design

Richard Fussey

Contact: jack (at)