Exhibition design, while at Thomas.Matthews for ‘Game Plan’ an exhibition about the 500 year history of board games at the V&A Museum of Childhood.

Board games are played by everyone, young and old. They have a universal appeal that transcends cultural and language barriers. They can both teach and entertain us.

Designing the exhibition as a giant walk through game meant all of this could be expressed in the experience, while simply displaying the beautifully detailed objects.
Game Plan – V&A Museum of Childhood


Lead Designer


Lighting Design
Graham Festenstein

Alys Tomlinso

Boardgames were a rich source of inspiration for the project both in terms of their graphic language and their transportable physicality.

As the exhibition content itself was so visually rich the challenge was to distil the playfulness of the games without becoming pastiche and taking away from the objects on display.

The exhibition was designed specifically for one location but it was known from the beginning of the project that it would be touring to six other locations across the UK.

With limited idea of how these spaces would be and no control over their installation we created a grid based panel system for the large images and focussed much of the pattern, gameplay and imagery to the cases, which meant the exhibition could reduce in size while maintaining its atmosphere.

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