Jack Bardwell
Artist and Designer based in Rotterdam.

Listen Using This Tool

The project “Internet Radio Ecologies” manifested in the design of a working internet radio receiver that uses a system of community producible/printable cards to connect to existing radio stations through a more tangible means. The project creates a new point of access to an existing infrastructure, that of internet radio stations, to stimulate a more communal way of sharing and listening to them.

Throughout its 100 year history radio has been a voice and platform for marginalised communities and often grows in times of crisis but it has not only functioned through the airwaves it has had real spatial ramifications for the cities and communities that it is a part of.

There is currently a huge boom in independent, local, amateur and community internet radio stations across the Netherlands and Europe. This is in part due to the covid-19 pandemic and the search for new ways to connect with others and build communities while we could no longer meet in public space but in an image saturated world the innate desire to listen runs deeper.

Over the past three years I have been working with various communities across Europe to help set up independent radio stations that broadcast over the internet. There is a huge gap between how this scene feels to be apart of, its principles, and how we access and share it, how it is spatialised. The device is a more tangible, non-algorithmic point of access for this generation's radio culture.

I wrote a story about the inception of internet radio for a talk at Design Academy Eindhoven that you can read and listen along to here

If you would like to see it in action or if you know a space that needs one of these please contact me. [email protected]

Sound and Radio, Inventor
Supported by: Stimuleeringsfonds NL
Card designs: Guy Field
Coding development: Federico Santarini
Presented at: KIOSK, Rotterdam
Strap Weaving: Martina Muzi