Jack Bardwell
Artist and Designer based in Rotterdam.

Where the Water Flows

A fictional short story about mobility in the city and later an adaptation into a site specific interactive performance at The Floating University Berlin. Headphones and media players acted as an audio portal into the protagonist’s inner dialogue as they came to terms with the limitations of navigating through this bog-like existence.

Transportation in the city is a constantly evolving subject and with the ever increasing likelihood of fully automated vehicles, it has gained much media attention. It seems to promise a utopia of an effortless and accessible city but in this pursuit for efficiency and convenience do we lose sight of the experience of the city? The more we rely on these systems the more we give up control of the city experience to third parties. The original story was published as a zine illustrated by Guy Field which you can see on the Floating Berlin website here.

Date 2018
at The Floating University Berlin.
With thanks to Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, Gerjan Streng, Anne Hoogewoning, Hans Venhuizen and the Floating University Berlin.